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Henley Bridge-Q.E.W

Bridges, Structures & Pile Driving

The Henley River Bridge (QEW over Henley River in St. Catharines) was widened in 1989/90 to help alleviate traffic backups on the QEW in the area of the Martindale Road and Ontario Street ramps. This project required extensive ingenuity due to limited space available to complete the work, the fast moving Henley River and the QEW traffic which could not be interrupted during the project. Steel/timber trestles were constructed in the river to provide access for equipment during construction of the new piers. Sectional steel arch truss were designed and constructed by Rankin to provide support for the new concrete arches over the river. Difficult forming challenges were met by our skilled crews utilizing steel, aluminum and wood systems all of which were designed "in house".